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Edmonton, Calgary & Montreal

The foundation’s main base is in Edmonton, Alberta. We serve the entire community of Edmonton, as well as parts of Calgary and Montreal.

United States of America
United States

New Britain, Connecticut

Currently the foundation maintains a branch in New Britain, Connecticut, United States. We work in collaboration with the location to ensure needs for both communities are met.




Covid-19 has hit many regions of Africa quite severely and has made it harder for many people to support their livelihoods in this time.

Our foundation has provided support for children, families and communities in Africa during this crucial time of need.

It has been a collective realization that we must be each others keeper to ensure that poor families have their basic needs met especially assistance to those with severe illnesses, children, seniors, single mothers in Africa.

With your financial help to the foundation, an international human & social service charitable organization, it will help us to deliver medical supplies, nutritious food and empowering families to make healthier choice in Africa.




Currently under development to establish a location in Germany to further increase our outreach.

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