the many faces of poverty

The Many Faces of Poverty

Poverty is etched into the faces of the young and old, doesn’t matter culture or religion, the pain and suffering is visible.

We need not have to travel to a third world country, poverty exists right here in Canada. All of us can be affected, each city, town and province, the reality of living in poverty is very, very heartbreaking.

In February 2020, it has been stated that, 3.2M Canadians, including over 560,000 children, living in poverty: Stats Canada.

Here in Alberta alone, 160,000 children suffer the all-encompassing effects of poverty. They are more vulnerable to issues affecting mental health, educational attainment, cognitive development, housing, relationships, employment, and food insecurity throughout their lives.

Poverty not only affects us individually, it also affects all those around us, in our communities. The youth, families, seniors and single parent families are striving to meet just the daily needs of provision for themselves and their family. The roller coaster of ups and downs, to provide healthy, nutritious meals, daily is a constant struggle. Nothing is more heart breaking than to send your children off to school hungry, singles moms, seniors all are vulnerable, all are in need of our help.

Each person we have met along the way has a story to share, some leave a deep, deep imprint in our very souls that is why we don’t take our Mission and Vision lightly here at the Princen Sammy Foundation.

Our Mission

Is to provide hunger relief for children, families, youth, seniors, working with low income households and those who have been struggling to make ends meet during these challenging times.

We are committed to serving the communities of Edmonton, Calgary and looking in the near future to expand our vision to other provincial cities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a culture that promotes and creates social inclusion and empowerment for all. It is crucial to create economic growth and enhance the overall social-economic opportunities for everyone.


Thank you for kindly, for helping us make a difference in others’ lives. As we continue the fight to end poverty.

The Princen Sammy Foundation