Helping children in need this holiday season

Kids Toy Chest Campaign

All children “DREAM” of Christmas; gifts, presents and the smell of Christmas baking, the gathering of family and good friends.

But the reality of children living in poverty, has grown significantly over this past year.

Our country and province has been hit hard by this world wide pandemic. Many people are already struggling just to meet the basics needs of life, food, clothing and shelter. For the families, seniors and the marginalized of our society, this pandemic has been devastating

Child poverty here in Canada, is a grave concern to all of us, given our current conditions and as well as the stats on Childhood poverty is alarming.

As of February 2020, stats confirmed 160,000 children in Alberta suffer the all-encompassing effects of poverty. They are more vulnerable to issues affecting mental health, educational attainment, cognitive development, housing, relationships, employment, and food insecurity throughout their lives.

We here at the Princen Sammy Eduful & Herty Foundation, are grateful to play our small part in serving Edmonton and area.  By offering food, clothing, with free prescriptions and when necessary assist in finding safe & appropriate shelter. We respectfully serve families, seniors, youths and many others that are already at risk!

That is why we have created our very first “Kids Toy Chest Campaign” – we would like to add some holiday cheer and a bit of hope to kids living in poverty this Christmas season. And you can help by purchasing and filling our toy chest with books, stockings filled with goodies and toys!

We cannot do this without the generous, love and support from our donors and sponsors! Would you kindly consider helping us fill a Child’s dream at Christmastime?

We would be so ever grateful! From all of us here at the Princen Sammy Foundaiton,

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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