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Small Grants Program


Small Grants Program

Our grants program helps provide funding for families and individuals struggling with meeting the basic needs of food, clothing and other daily essentials.

You may receive grants up to $250 for an average family of five or more, $200 for a family of three to four individuals, $100 for a family of two and $50 for individuals. 

Our small grants program is committed to enhancing the quality of life for our communities, offering services that address hunger relief and food security for children, families, youth, individuals and seniors.

*Please note: This is not a cash grant, although we will evaluate each emergency situation differently! Thank you!

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Small Grants Program

Our foundation attempts at helping out all individuals that apply, however if your application is turned down it would be due to a lack of funding on our part which we are always looking for so that we can continue providing these services for all individuals who are in need.

Please fill out the following form and we will review it shortly.

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