#1: The website states that grants are not given out in cash?

Our 2021 CRA report claims to “Offer direct assistance in the form of money to pay for rent for low income families who are on the brink of eviction and to people experiencing social barriers, including homeless people. In its entirety, more than 7,401 people have been and continue to be served.” The Princen Sammy Foundation offers direct assistance to those that urgently require it, however it is not given in cash but paid directly to the landlord.

#2: There is nothing on the website that indicates that direct programming is available for youth?

Our 2021 CRA report also states “Youth empowerment, employment mentoring, and innovative programs help provide financial empowerment and allow the individual to take on a role which will create job security for the individual. These programs enrich the lives of vulnerable youth, particularly Black and other racialized communities our organization has worked with.