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COVID-19 Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic and the profound impact it has had on the economy has greatly expanded the need for charitable organizations to provide additional services in an unprecedented manner. Individual charities already have lost millions of dollars in revenue and an economic downturn will undoubtedly result in further contraction in resources that are the lifeblood of charitable organizations.

The foundation is providing an emergency relief fund to support and provide temporary financial assistance. These are given in the form of gift cards for groceries to meet urgent needs in the communities we serve. This ensures that people have access to adequate nutritious food and other basic necessities of life, especially children, seniors, low income families and single mothers.

Our work is geared towards helping our vulnerable community members to promote resiliency and mitigate fear, especially those that are currently isolated, during this time.

Small Grants Program

COVID-19 Relief

We have extended our small grants program to encompass individuals and families affected by the pandemic. Our grants consist of $250 for an average family of five or more, $200 for a family of three to four individuals, $100 for a family of two and $50 for individuals. These grants go towards providing essential items such as clean water, groceries, clothing, footwear, medical supplies and any other items required.

Our foundation attempts at helping out all individuals that apply, however if your application is turned down it would be due to a lack of funding on our part which we are always looking for so that we can continue providing these services for all individuals who are in need.

IRONAID COVID-19 Support Fund

Princen Sammy Foundation would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the IRONMAN® foundation’s donation through their IRONAID™ program for Covid-19 relief support.

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